The first Linux Congress at Heidelberg 1994

Alan Cox
Generic Linux Kernel Hacker
Linus Torvalds (on the left) and Gert Doering
Gert: "mgetty + sendfax"
Linus: Started the ball rolling
Remy Card
Extended File System
Theodore Ts'o
Hacking Everywhere

Stephen Tweedie
Ext2, Ext3 Filesystems
Eric Youngdale
SCSI, iso9660
Dirk Hohndel
Martin Müller
Author of the 1st german Linux book

 Ulrich Kunitz
german book on Linux kernel programming
  Ralf Flaxa
LST Linux distribution

Photos made by Olaf Flebbe and Harald Milz You can find additional Photos from the Linux Tag 2000, 2001 and 2002 at Harald K�nigs Website.