The Perl File Recognizer

Does not work on ER3 machines: Psion 5 Classic.



If  you are interested: The sources of the file recognizer and perlstart itself.
License: Have fun, but please use a different UID. The file recognizer is more or less borrowed from the xpdf port to epoc.

Perl 5.6.1 for the EPOC OS: Psion 5, Psion 5mx, Psion Revo, Ericsson MC 218

Updated 2001-04-22:  Release 28: perl-5.6.1 for EPOC

You will either need perlstart (see above) or eshell from symbian in order to supply arguments to perl. The editor from symbian is very useful for editing perl scripts.
You will need 3MB disk space and additionally ~2MB RAM in order to run perl!

Please read the README.txt in the ZIP package.

If you like this perl port, or find problems, please write me a Mail:

Olaf Flebbe <olaf at>
The package now includes almost all standard modules, and some of the standard extensions. Run perl -V for more detailled information.

Perl5 Reference manual for the Psion5

CamelA perl5 Reference Manual  in Psion5 data format.